PLL Finale Thoughts!

Not a fully formed theory but some thoughts:

  • The writers love setting it up like the Liars have finally figured out who A is only to learn they were wrong and A set them up yet again. Therefore, Alison is not A.
  • A spent the entire season dividing the Liars and Alison.
  • A wore a wig to murder Mona so it would look like Alison did it. A is setting Alison up.

One of these is not like the other…

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The diary Hanna took in 4.12 (Summer Finale) belonged to Aria. Actually it’s her journal that she writes everything in, she even wrote about Hanna and her mother in this journal. All of the girls new secrets are also written in her journal.

She must have left it at Ezra’s which would explain why it was in his lair.

Pretty Little Liars EP Promises Ezra Reveal Is ‘Very Real,’ Teases Jekyll/Hyde Twist

Interview with EP Oliver Goldstick

Yeeeeessssssss!!!! Finally something exciting! And real! Not a trick!


He is absolutely right though! I mean it would be a bad example for teenage girls that it is totally okay to be involved with a older teacher. So I think this is also smart of them to make him A. And I always did find it weird, that Ezra would just stay with a high school girl, I mean ffs, have some common sense dude. image

I have been waiting for this for 4 years. Yes!!!! Adults who are interested in kids are creepy as fuck!

What did Hanna take from A’s lair?

Anyone know? I couldn’t tell what it was…


A’s Guide to Knowing Everything


A’s Guide to Knowing Everything

Sorry for the radio silence.

I just have nothing to say about PLL. In fact, I think I might be over it entirely. Is it just me, or is this season off to a really boring start? And after the total letdown of last season’s finale, and the “just a dream” trick about Fitz being arrested in the premiere, I’ve gotten really tired of their tricks. I’m bored and unsatisfied. :(

And here’s the video those gifs are from.

Been keeping a low profile, trying to ignore my PLL withdrawal over the hiatus. Check the PLL tag for the first time in weeks and boom. Shit’s getting real. I can’t wait!

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